Resource 500 Group Ltd, is a privately held company primarily focused on investments in the natural resources sector. Investment strategy targets both the identification and exploration of mineral resources and the development of mining projects. Other sectors of company activities include participating in ventures engaged in international trade and emergency supplies.

Target minerals are those that are critical to the green economy and allow for building up a profile of exciting properties that signify high returns on either equity or debt.

The company’s strategy is to identify and acquire significant to majority stakes in private companies with promising mineral deposits, which through controlled expenditure can be developed to offer our shareholders and equity partners 35 to 50% premium over a period of three to five years.

Through SPVs Resource 500 Group aims to build up parallel portfolios positioned at the right time (bottom of cycle), in the right place and with the right teams, allowing for secure investment in diverse portfolios; at a cost significantly below market value, with significant tonnage and high grade mineralisation, with logistical and infrastructural advantages. Current exposure is to Titanium, Vanadium, Magnetite Copper, Zinc, and Silver bearing deposits, that also provide credits of Cobalt, Nickel, Magnesium and Rare Earths. The company is also invested in minerals that are used for CCUS projects. Our geographical footprint is the Northern Hemisphere and Africa.

Resource 500 Group Ltd, is a private company incorporated on the Isle of Man, established to invest in mineral projects, provide management and administration services to stakeholder companies and promote innovative ideas and technologies that serve to protect the environment, the climate and the societies in which we have a footprint.